Tips on How to Find the Best Laptop



Few years ago, laptops weighted a tone, had underpowered hardware and were expensive than desktop PCs. However, the situation has changed rapidly today as laptops are much lighter for better improved portability and longer battery life at better price, possibly cheaper than a desktop PC with the same specifications. Therefore if you are shopping for a new laptop, this is definitely the best time as they are now more affordable than ever before. Since there are literary different models available, choosing the right laptop for your needs might be daunting. Simply follow the guide below to help you narrow down to the best laptop that perfectly suits your taste


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1. Work on a budget


You no longer need to spend thousands to get the greatest and latest laptop in the market. For instance, if three years ago a student considered a $1,000 laptop budget friendly, a premium powerful laptop, today you can get a good laptop at just $250.




2. Choose the perfect screen size


If you need an ideal desktop replacement, you can opt to buy a laptop with a larger screen possibly 18 inches. When you have a laptop with a large screen, you never have to worry about its weight if you plan on using it on a daily basis. On the other hand, although laptops with larger screen provide a better alternative to home desktop PC’s, they are too heavy and large for travel.



Smaller laptop models offer greater portability and still offer good screen size. Although smaller laptop models are the cheapest and popular option today, many people still consider them heavier /bigger hence not convenient for moving around. If you want a laptop for business meetings or travel a lot, then you can opt to buy a smaller lightweight laptop. 14inches is a popular choice in the market where users enjoy longer battery life and better portability. On the other hand, if you only need a laptop for surfing the internet or social networking, then a tablet or iPad is the best fit.




3. Find the best operating system


All laptops usually come with a pre-installed operating system, essential software that runs the PC and manages hardware and memory processes as well as other useful third party applications. Nowadays most laptops run on Mac OS X and windows, both capable and great operating systems. Nonetheless, they both have their share of pros and const. This means you need to do extensive research to ensure you get the best laptop that suits your needs.




4. Battery life01-budget-laptop-group-toshiba-hp-630


Lighter premium models with smaller screen size usually have a longer battery life, while gaming laptops only last a few hours. For example, social networking and web surfing drain less power than playing games or watching movies.




5. Keep hardware specifications into consideration


For instance if you want a laptop to run simple tasks like watching movies, photo editing and web surfing, then you can work any budget. On the other hand, if you need a computer for more demanding tasks like video production, then it is important to find a laptop with the required hardware specifications.


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