Should You Choose Windows 7 or Windows 8 for Gaming

Should You Choose Windows 7 or Windows 8 for GamingWindows-8-s-Early-Adoption-Rate-Lags-Behind-Windows-7-s-2

As you probably already know, Windows 8 represents a huge shift in interface design for Microsoft. The new Windows 8 Start Screen has been a source of admiration and ire of consumers since it was released. But does Windows 8 perform better than Windows 7 and which of the two are the best for gaming?

Game Performance

In test after test, game performance has shown to be about the same between Windows 7 and Windows 8. In some tests, Windows 8 showed a bit of an increased performance but the differences aren’t even noteworthy. At this point, games will perform pretty much the same assuming the exact same specs used with the operating system.

Winner: Tie

Legacy Compatibility

If you prefer some older games, Windows 7 seems to fair better than Windows 8 when it comes to running them properly. Windows 8 is, of course, the newest technology from Microsoft and as such is designed to run all the latest and greatest software and games. While it does say it’s backward compatible, the newer you get the more difficult it often is to run older applications.

Winner: Windows 7

Future Proofing Your System

If you are trying to purchase a gaming system that will last you as long as possible, you most definitely want to go with Windows 8. Currently, Windows 8 offers full support of Direct3D, part of DirectX, while Windows 7 only offers partial support. Going forward, as more games adopt the use of this technology and more advancements are released, you will see less and less compatibility with Windows 7.

Winner: Windows 8

Mobile Gaming

More and more mobile games that have previously only been available for iOS and Android are moving to Windows 8 using the new modern interface design and the Windows Store. The only way you will have access to these games is by using Windows 8 leaving Windows 7 users out in the cold. If you enjoy these games as well as the fancier 3D graphic games, Windows 8 is the choice for you.

Winner: Windows 8

And the winner is….Windows 8

Currently, it really doesn’t matter which platform you decide to use as both will handle high end games very well depending on the specifications of your computer, of course, But, Windows 8 does receive a bit of an edge when it comes to future proofing your system as well as access to the huge range of mobile based games designed for the modern interface only. Windows 8 will give you the best all around gaming experience that you could hope for giving you access to all types of games and running them at their best possible speeds making Windows 8 the only choice for serious gamers.