Best Antivirus Software and How to Avoid Viruses


Best Antivirus Software and How to Avoid Viruses


An antivirus is software solution or types of software solutions that are designed to detect and destroy computer viruses. Every year some software are ranked based on their capacity as antivirus solutions. The metrics are ease of installation, AV-Test usability, ease of scanning, performance, and protection. In 2016 some of the highest ranked software are Bit Defender, MacAfee, and Kaspersky.





Bitdefender has one of the highest marks possible in three set of testing. That is usability, performance, and protection.




PROS. When tested against nearly 200 newly developed malware, Bitdefender was able to perform well and offer superior protection.




CONS. Bitdefender requires you to restart the laptop during installation and uninstallation which may inconvenience you if you are working with other software.




VERDICT. It is excellent at handling with hackers and phishing. The firm also offers excellent client service and support which comes really in handy when dealing with software issues.



II. Kaspersky Anti-virus.Kaspersky-Anti-Virus1_2511


This software works best in protection against malware, enhancing computer speeds and improving scanner usability.




PROS. It has the best installation among all the antivirus software.




CONS. They do not have the 24/7 support needed for such programs.




VERDICT. This is the best antivirus for windows.



III. McAfee Anti-virus Plus.macfee


This is the most efficient anti-virus in the market.



PROS. You can use it on an unlimited number of devices for a whole year.



CONS. It does not include a password.



VERDICT. It’s very rich in security features for stopping viruses and malware.



How to Prevent Viruses


Install anti-malware. The primary defense is to install anti-virus/malware software. Most anti-viruses have different levels of protection and efficiency that they give to your laptop against viruses and malware.


Update Your Software. While at it also remember to keep your anti-virus software updated. It is often better to get the premium antivirus provision since they offer greater protection than free services.


Regularly scan your Laptop. Use the anti-virus software to run scheduled scans. Most often some viruses sneak into your machine and either slow its use or corrupt critical files. Some viruses can only be discovered during the process of scanning since their effect on data is not evident.


Update Operating System. Always keep your operating system current. Operating system manufacturers tend to set additional features most of which offer upgraded security components. Updating your OS ensures that you fix bugs and get better security controls over your operating system.


Improve Security Network. Securing your network protects your gadgets from phishing and online identity theft scams. You ought to secure your network, especially if more than one person are working on it, or you are using it in a public space where its visibility puts it at risk.


Avoid suspicious email/Ads. Learn to be wary of suspicious click baits. One of the most common means of spamming gadgets is through the use of click bait ads, online games, and suspicious email threads. Stay away from such and if you suspect you, the machine has been infected immediately scan its files.



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