Are Tablets Going To Replace The Laptop In the Future?


Are Tablets Going To Replace The Laptop In the Future?pro-surfacing-is-a-hybrid-laptop-tablet-the-future-1112663
Today, the consumer market is packed with a broad spectrum of computing devices with some of the most common ones being the laptop and the tablet devices. The typical feature set of some of these things has been improving over the years and is touchscreen outstanding. In fact, we have come across, ameliorations such as enhanced ergonomics, computing capability and lightweight designs amongst many others.

The tablets are liked by consumers since they are lightweight and typically provide computing power as well as Smartphone functionality as well. On the contrary, laptops tend to be a bit bulkier, but have the better computing power, graphics capacities, and other auxiliary features.

The overall size of computing devices had been on the decline, thereby allowing brand manufacturers to equip smaller devices such as the phablet with exceptional computing power.
Back in early 2010, a few weeks before the debut of the iPad, Steve Jobs predicted that the tablet sales would at one point overtake those of PCs.tablets

His statements have been proved by recent statistics from Gartner that show that after five of years of unsteady growth and gradually decline of PC sales, the tablet finally surpassed the PC in average sales. According to Gartner, it was estimated that 321 million tablet sales were made as compared to 317 million PC sales made in 2015. The gradually increasing demand for tablets in the consumer market was the reason for such an increase in sales.

This came as a surprise since many other consumer reports had suggested that the laptop would have been the central focus of computing in the future. However, the advent of the tablets brought such predictions into question.
To be specific, while most flagship tablets that hit the consumer market had relatively low CPU power, they were more portable and were, therefore, ideal replacement for those who wanted ample sized unit that could still handle essential computing tasks. Over the years, the average computing power of the tablets has seen a gradual increase thereby leading to concerns that tablets will soon surpass the sales of laptops. However, the need for sufficient computing power for sophisticated tasks such as video editing and gaming means that laptops are still are prevalent items among consumers.Tablet-vs-Laptop_newtechworld.net_

This is because laptops provide better RAM, CPU and graphics capacities that make them suitable for a broad spectrum of tasks, and not just for gaming alone. Tablets, on the other hand, are ideal for streaming, capturing photos, listening to music and reading ebooks amongst many others.
According to, the high consumer demand for both laptop and tablets has led to the production of what is referred to as phablets. To be specific, these laptop hybrids combine the mobility and touch screen functionality of a tablet with the features of PC. For that reason, various computing companies have launched their individual phablet models with some of the most common versions available on the market being the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and the Leno Yoga brand name as well.




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