Online Shopping For Laptops


  Introduction Since the advent of the internet as a unique platform where people from the all over the world can connect and interact, activities such as shopping for your favorite items has become a rather useful task. Gone are the days when the consumer had to search their local store or home depot for […]

Review of The Asus Chromebook Flip (C100PA-DB02)


Google’s Chrome OS is now being used by many different manufacturers. Laptops created using Chrome OS are known as Chromebooks. Different companies manufacture different versions of the Chromebook.     Asus has developed the Asus Chromebook Flip (C100PA-DB02). It’s a lightweight, multi-touch, convertible Chromebook. Simply, this model incorporated all of the top quality features from […]

When to Replace Your Laptop


    A laptop is simply a portable personal computer with a thin LCD or LED screen. Having a good personal computer is always amazing. It helps you in storing important information, data entry, surfing and even watching latest movies and great documentaries. A laptop has the combination of various components under a single unit […]

Best Antivirus Software and How to Avoid Viruses


  Best Antivirus Software and How to Avoid Viruses   An antivirus is software solution or types of software solutions that are designed to detect and destroy computer viruses. Every year some software are ranked based on their capacity as antivirus solutions. The metrics are ease of installation, AV-Test usability, ease of scanning, performance, and […]

Cool Top Budget Laptops Under $500


  Top budget laptops can be an awesome deal for anyone. That’s because they are more affordable with awesome features available. Such laptops are not only for students, for they have enough features to be suitable for professionals too. It depends on what your preferences are, and these preferences may be available in a quality […]

Best Gaming Laptops 2016


  Gaming laptops are not any laptops. They require machines that can handle heavy work, without slowing you down through taking much time to load from one session to another, or taking the time to load a game. Getting a powerful machine for the task is, therefore, essential.       Best gaming laptops 2016 […]

Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under $1000


Toshiba Gaming Laptops Under $1000 By admin | April 14, 2014 0 Some people believe that finding a gaming laptop that is affordable is an impossible task. But this just isn’t true. There are quite a few high quality gaming laptops that are affordable and finding them is easier than you think. One of the […]